Muslim Deed of Family Arrangements

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It is essential in cases where a Muslim wants to distribute more than 1/3 of his Estate to non-beneficiaries or to distribute his Estate equally to all Faraid beneficiaries for the Faraid beneficiaries to sign the Deed. The said Deed will be written evidence that they have agreed for your Estate to be distributed according to your Wasiat. Your Will is considered as valid if all the Faraid beneficiaries consent to the distribution of your Estate to be according to your Will if your Will does not follow the limitations under the Syariah Law.

Regardless of whether it is a Muslim or non-Muslim Will, the executors named in a Muslim Will or non-Muslim Will must make an application at the Family Justice Courts for the Grant of Probate. At Emerald Law, our lawyers will advise you on these procedures, to help solve issues surrounding the division of your matrimonial assets.


Syariah Law Services

Syariah Child Custody

We provide expert legal assistance in Syariah child custody cases, ensuring the best interests of the child are prioritized according to Islamic principles.

Syariah Divorce

Our team guides you through the Syariah divorce process with sensitivity and expertise, ensuring compliance with Islamic law while addressing your unique circumstances.

Syariah Maintenance

We offer comprehensive support in Syariah maintenance matters, helping clients secure fair financial support in accordance with Islamic guidelines.

Syariah Wills

Our experienced lawyers assist in drafting Syariah-compliant wills, ensuring your estate is distributed according to Islamic inheritance laws.

Division of Matrimonial Assets

We specialize in the fair division of matrimonial assets, advocating for an equitable distribution based on legal and equitable principles.

Syariah Probate / Letter of Administration

Our services include obtaining Syariah probate or letters of administration, facilitating the smooth administration of estates in accordance with Islamic law.



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Syariah Law FAQ's

Yes, we do. It is for us to discuss your matter briefly and to provide you with a general overview. There will be no review of documents during the free first consultation.

Emerald Law is not part of the Syariah Court of Singapore.

The Syariah Court of Singapore is located at the following address:
Family Link @ Lengkok Bahru 8, Lengkok Bahru,
Singapore 159052
You may contact them at the following number:
+65 63548371 (Hotline)
For more information on the Syariah Court of Singapore, please visit their website here.


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