Medical Negligence

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If you have been accused of having injured or impaired due to negligence, our lawyers will guide you through the steps of a complaint or settlement agreement. We will exploit any and all possible defences to a negligence claim and find the best course of action that will benefit you.

Consult with us to discuss your options. We at Emerald Law have the skills to proceed with these lawsuits, placing you in the strongest position to win the case.


Negligence Claims and Personal Injury Services

Personal Injury & Accident

We provide expert legal representation to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Medical Negligence

We work diligently to hold healthcare providers accountable and secure fair compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial impacts of medical malpractice.



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It is for us to discuss your matter briefly and provide you with a general overview. There will be no review of documents during the free first short consultation.


It is best to take out a PPO application at the family court. This may have implications on the divorce, especially when arguing under unreasonable behaviour (for divorces at the Family Court) or Fasakh at the Syariah Divorce and children for care & control and access (both in the Family Courts and Syariah Court).


Generally, you will have to show that family violence has been committed against you and that it is necessary for an order to be made. There are 2 limbs.


It is not necessary to be physically abused for a PPO order to be granted.


You will then have to convince the court solely based on your testimony (your words) at trial.


Section 64 of the Women’s Charter states that “family violence” means the commission of any of the following acts:

  1. wilfully or knowingly placing, or attempting to place, a family member in fear of hurt;
  2. causing hurt to a family member by such act which is known or ought to have been known would result in hurt;
  3. wrongfully confining or restraining a family member against his will; or
  4. causing continual harassment with intent to cause or knowing that it is likely to cause anguish to a family Member, but does not include any force lawfully used in self defence, or by way of correction towards a child below 21 years of age;

No. For this, you will have to approach the Civil Courts to apply for an order under POHA (Prevention of Harassment Act).

We will have to look at the facts of the case before advising.

It is going to be very challenging for a person who is not legally trained to take part in the trial process without a lawyer. It is recommended that you engage a lawyer for such matters.

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