Loan Shark Harasement in Singapore

Unlicensed moneylenders, otherwise known as loan sharks are an ongoing and prevalent problem in Singapore. Over the years, loan sharks have resorted to new methods of harassing debtors as authorities increase enforcement measures against loan sharks and their runners.   Methods of harassment by loan sharks In the past, loan sharks employed various methods in […]

Mediation In Singapore

Mediation is a method of non-compulsory dispute resolution involving a neutral third party (a mediator) who tries to help the disputing parties with a view to facilitate a resolution of the whole or part of a dispute.

Advantages Of Having A Shareholders’ Agreement

A shareholders’ agreement is a contract between the persons (or even companies) who are parties to it, and set outs and regulates the different rights, powers and obligations of various parties. These include shareholders, directors and, if applicable, investors of the company.

A shareholders’ agreement may be enforced in other jurisdictions so long as it is set out inside the agreement and agreed upon. In Singapore, shareholders’ agreements are governed by Singapore Contract Law.

Strategies For Commercial Litigation In Singapore

The law is an extensive domain that covers countless legal issues. One of the common areas is Commercial Litigation. Commercial litigation is a general term that encompasses and describes any kind of dispute that arises from business related matters.

Can You Win A Dispute With Condo MCST In Singapore?

Subsidiary proprietors or home-owners of condominiums are no strangers to the fact that there are numerous condominium by-laws to abide by. For those unfamiliar, briefly, by-laws are stipulations prescribed under Schedule 2 of Building Maintenance (Strata Management) Regulations 2005 under the BMSMA and additional by-laws may be made, or amended, pursuant to a special resolution by the Management Corporation (“MC”).

What It Means To Breach A Contract In Singapore

A well-drafted contract can often prevent or resolve a dispute before the parties take their dispute to court. But when both parties cannot resolve their issues, and resort to litigation, it is important to understand the rules governing the breach of contract claim.

While some breaches are avoidable with detailed negotiations and well-drafted document, others are not. Poorly drafted documents and oral contracts frequently lead to disputes. It is always in your best interest to draft clear and comprehensive written contracts.

Find A Civil Lawyer In Singapore

Are you facing any legal issues and you are not sure what to do? Where do you seek help? Can you trust friend’s recommendations of Singapore’s lawyers whom they have previously engaged?

In Singapore, there is no shortage of good civil lawyers. It is just a matter of finding the right one for you in terms of their expertise as well as whether your budget fits their rates.

Water Leakage In Condominium

In recent years, a very common dispute faced by Singapore’s condominium flat owners is in relation to water leakage from one’s ceiling or inter-floor leaks, due to uncooperative and aggrieved neighbours.

These water leakage problems have plagued homes with stress, discomfort and inconvenience, on top of high tension between neighbours.

Can Whatsapp Be Used As Evidence In Singapore Court?

With WhatsApp being so popular, can it be used as evidence to show proof in the Court of Law?

Yes. In fact, Whatsapp chatlogs are being presented as evidence in Court all the time. If you have a case that relies heavily on Whatsapp chat log you will be happy to learn that Whatsapp chat logs can be used to help you support your claim.

Can I Sue On An Oral Agreement

In Singapore, an agreement which is achieved by signing a contract is the norm and so too, the standard practice worldwide. You know that you are legally bound by the terms and conditions stated on the contract.