Keith Hsu

joint managing partner

Keith has a practice that focuses on corporate and commercial disputes and transactions. Together with his strong business and finance background, he is highly valued by clients in finding commercially workable solutions to both contentious and non-contentious matters. 

Keith is a strong advocate who as a litigator, focuses on civil and commercial litigation work. He represents clients both big and small and regularly argues before the Supreme Court and State Courts. He has also argued before tribunals such as the Strata Title Board. His cases typically involve disputes between shareholders, contractual claims, claims in conspiracy, other tortious claims, and disputes that involve claims in equity and trust. As Keith has experience handling a wide variety of commercial disputes, he is often instructed to undertake intricate litigation work and matters involving novel or overlapping areas of law.

Keith’s experience also includes applications to the Courts for pre-emptive remedies, such as Mareva Injunctions (i.e. an order to freeze assets) and applications to stay proceedings arising out of jurisdiction arguments. Keith also has experience with a wide array of pre-trial interlocutory matters, such as applications for further and better particulars, specific discovery and security for cost, among others. 

His corporate work practice experience enhances Keith’s expertise in litigation matters as it gives him the ability to understand and identify potential issues agreements quickly.

Keith has been involved in numerous mergers and acquisitions. He has helped clients acquire, dispose and restructure small companies as well as large ones, including one where the consideration involved was in excess of S$240 million. Keith has also advised on numerous private equity financing and debt financing transactions and has experience advising both investors and investees. He has also assisted fund managers in the creation and structuring of funds and is familiar with the relevant securities regulations.

Keith has a keen interest in the growing FinTech sector and is familiar keeps up to date on the relevant financial regulations. He has advised and crafted bespoke and novel agreements for financial institutions in this new growing area of business, and benefits from having a background in finance and personal interest in this sector.

Keith has also drafted countless other forms of both simple and complex commercial agreements. In drafting agreements so that they add value to clients and are commercially sound, Keith leverages on his litigation and business experience to anticipate potential issues so that they can be dealt with in advance. 

Keith graduated from the University of Manchester with an LLB (Hons) placed in the First Class. He also holds a Diploma in Banking and Financial Services and is a member of the Law Society’s Civil Practice Committee.

Aside from his legal practice, Keith has various other business interest in the FinTech and MedTech sectors. Before his career in law, Keith co-founded a beverage delivery company.

Keith’s strong knowledge of the law, coupled with his background in finance and business, puts him in good stead to advise clients in finding legal and commercially sound solutions.


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Joint Managing Partner

Joint Managing Partner

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Joint Managing Partner

Joint Managing Partner

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