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At Emerald Law, our lawyers have assisted individuals to Listed Companies in Singapore with their employment-related legal matters. We understand that having an unresolved employment dispute is disruptive to your life and business. These matters require a professional who is tactful and understand how to navigate the matter so that it is resolved as soon as possible.

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Generally, the Employment Act in Singapore covers any person who has a contract of service with an employer. 


It also covers those who earn less than S$4,500 per month and ensures certain conditions relating to their rest days, overtime pay and annual leave.


It is important to note that the Employment Act does not cover persons who are seafarers, domestic workers, civil servants and statutory board employees.

Having a lawyer who specialises in Employment law is helpful. We are able to advise you on the various options that are available to you that you can explore in an attempt to resolve your dispute. 

At Emerald Law, we understand that as an employee who has just lost his/her job, your finances are strained and the future is uncertain, as such we are always mindful of the proposed solutions that we advise you of. We strive to ensure that your matter is resolved in the quickest and most cost-effective manner. 

If you have been terminated from your job as per the terms of your employment agreement, i.e. they gave you the requisite notice or payment of salary in lieu of notice, then you may not have a claim against your employer.

In Singapore, there is no automatic right for retrenchment benefits, if retrenchment terms are not in your contract you are typically not entitled to it.

However, if your termination was in fact a retrenchment exercise by your company, you may be able to claim for more compensation than what you were paid. However, you will need to be able to support this claim of retrenchment with evidence.


You may read more about the Employment Claim Process in our article here.

No the 13th month pay or Annual Wage Supplement is not mandatory. Your pay is entirely dependant on the contract between yourself and your employer.

TADM or Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management allows employees and employers to try and resolve employment related claims and disputes. 


It is important to note that TADM is only able to record a settlement between parties up to S$20,000. As such if your claim exceeds this amount, it is best to seek advice from a lawyer on whether you explore other options to resolve your dispute.

We understand that a dispute with an employee is extremely disruptive to your business and morale at work. 

As such we are of the view that attempting to communicate with the employee with a lawyer's assistance may be the best way forward.

There are also options such as mediation or without prejudice meetings that can be held in an attempt to avoid a lawsuit which could potentially resolve the matter at a fraction of the cost of a lawsuit.

Any employment dispute should be dealt in the manner decided within the Employment Agreement or any subsidiary workplace regulations that have been set in place. 

At Emerald Law, we have assisted our client in drafting robust employment agreements that prevent disputes from escalating and proper workplace regulations that comply with Singapore's Employment Laws and also includes a proper dispute resolution process.

Do contact us if you require assistance with questions you might have about your employment agreement or if you require assistance in incorporating a workplace regulatory framework.

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Our specialised lawyers and their team are standing by to assist you. Our first consultation is free.

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