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At Emerald Law we understand the frustration involved when your reputation is affected by lies and allegations. Reputation is something that takes time to build and a single moment to lose it all. The effect is immense when it starts to affect your business and personal life.

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Defamation in Singapore is a crime under section 499 of the Penal Code. The police can arrest and take action against someone if there is sufficient evidence found against the defamer. 

However, at Emerald Law, we understand that the loss of reputation is what needs to be addressed. Do contact us so that we can assist you.

It is important to meet the legal criteria if you wish to show that you have been defamed.


If the statement made against you lowers how others think about you in society and would cause you to be avoided, shunned or causes you to be hated or ridiculed by society.



Does the defamatory statement refer to you? If there is no reference to you by words or images or if the statement does not lead someone to identify you, then you would not be able to sue the person for Defamation. 



Was the defamatory statement published or communicated to another person? As long the statement was published or communicated to another person, and if it meets all the criteria, then there is Defamation. 

There are two different types of Defamation.


Libel is when defamatory words are published. For example, by posting a message on a forum, in a WhatsApp or Telegram group, on an Instagram page or even in the newspaper.


Slander is when the defamatory words are spoken before others. For example, when someone says something false about you during a meeting, in public or during a speech.

If someone is found to have defamed someone in the course of a lawsuit, they may be awarded damages as compensation for their loss in reputation. 

The factors that affect the amount of damages awarded are:

  • The seriousness of the defamatory statement.
  • How the defamatory statement had affected the person.
  • How many others heard or read the defamatory statement.

You may seek for a written apology to be published or for the person to amend his statement of the defamatory remark made.  You may also seek to prohibit the publishing of the defamatory statement in the future.

You should inform them that if they do not remove the post or message or publication immediately, you will engage lawyers to represent you. Defamation is serious; any loss in reputation is not easily recovered or may never be recovered. If the defamer does not remove the post, it is best to engage a lawyer to send them a letter of demand. It is also important to note that in Singapore, the letter of demands relating to Defamation is required to be in a specific format and cannot be a simple letter of demand.

Truth is a valid defence against a claim for defamation. If what was said is true, then it is very unlikely for you to succeed in your Defamation claim.

Opinion is generally considered as a valid defence for defamation. However, the person making the derogatory opinion must show that the opinion is supported by facts and the opinion can be drawn from the facts available to him when he made the defamatory remark.

Defamation is a delicate matter that requires someone who is experienced in handling it as it requires a certain level of tact. A cookie-cutter approach most likely cause your matter to end up as a lawsuit or without any retraction of the defamatory post. This will cause you to continuously lose reputation as the statement is circulated in public. 


With our team of lawyers who specialise in handling such matters, we will attempt to resolve your matter at the earliest opportunity and to try and preserve your reputation as best as possible. 

If you are intending to pursue him for the criminal offence, the first step that you should take is making a police report against him. The Singapore Police Force will usually update you on their status of the investigation and whether the offending party will be charged in the Criminal Court.

However, if you are dissatisfied with the investigation result, you can seek one of our lawyers to pursue by way of Magistrate Complaint. Our team of specialised lawyers can advise you further on the next step that you can take against the offending party. 

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