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We understand the frustration when someone owes you money whether it is a person or a company, it affects your life and your cash flow. Recovering these debts require someone who is experienced and tactful, applying too much pressure on the person or company may make them retreat and avoid you entirely and being too lenient may cause the person to string you along. At Emerald Law, our lawyers who specialise in debt recovery will be able to advise you on the best strategies in attempting to recover these monies

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A Letter of Demand is a letter, usually drafted by lawyers, to assist the sender to make a legal claim against the recipient of the letter.

Read more about Letter of Demands here.

A Letter of Demand sent by a lawyer has benefits.

  • There is an element of legal force behind such a letter; it may make your debtor respond to you if they have been ignoring you.
  • It may allow you to resolve your matter just through letters.

A Cease & Desist letter is typically sent by someone who is being harassed or annoyed by someone or by a company. In the letter, there will be a request that the other Party stops doing the actions that constitute harassment against the other Party immediately. Such letters are typically sent to someone who is harassing a person, and instead of commencing a lawsuit to obtain a Protection Order, the harassed Party is attempting to resolve the matter through a letter.

With our wealth of experience, we help you attempt to recover your debt in a cost-effective manner.


With a Lawyer, you will be able to get advice on whether a proposal is reasonable and whether it is worth fighting an issue till trial. This allows you to evaluate the situation and potentially save money in the long run. 


You may find out more about the benefits of having a lawyer assist you in our article here.

Do let us know the following details so that we can advise you:

  1. How much is the sum of money?
    If the sum loaned is relatively low, it may not be worth your while to pursue the claim through lawyers.
  2. Do you have a Written IOU or Loan Agreement?
    With an IOU or a Loan Agreement, it strengthens your case against the other Party. You may also have an indemnity clause that allows you to recover all your legal costs if the IOU or the Loan Agreement was well-drafted.
  3. If they do not respond positively to the Letter of Demand, you may have to commence a lawsuit again them to recover the outstanding sum of money.

A well-drafted letter makes the debtor want to negotiate or make prompt payment. At Emerald Law, we understand that to avoid a lawsuit, a Letter of Demand requires the right phrases and the way it is read. Unlike others, we do not simply use a template letter. Our letters are designed to try and resolve your matter as soon as possible and not to push your matter into a lawsuit which is costly.


We believe that a simple letter of demand will not be effective and is a waste of your money, money that could have been used to treat yourself and your loved ones to a good meal. Why send a letter that will just be thrown away?

If someone ignores a letter of demand, then the next step in pursuing your claim is to commence a lawsuit against the person in Court. 

At Emerald Law, we will also send your debtor a "chaser" letter. This is the same as the letter of demand sent. We do so in an attempt to resolve your matter in the most cost-efficient manner.

It is important to have your case evaluated first before you start a lawsuit as lawsuits are quite costly and if you did not have a good case, to begin with, the courts might award the debtor with the cost which means you end up paying for their legal fees.

A Letter of Demand can be sent by email. In time of technological growth, communication made by way of email is common and it is not unusual to send a Letter of Demand by way of email correspondences.

In the event that the matter proceeds to a lawsuit, the court will usually be satisfied that a Letter of Demand by way of email suffices to show that a good faith attempt had been made to resolve the matter amicably before the lawsuit is commenced.

Letter of Demand is generally not necessary to initiate a lawsuit against the recipient of the letter. However, it is usually highly advisable to issue a letter of Demand to attempt a final effort to settle the matter amicably before proceeding with further legal action.

However, as a letter of demand is generally seen by the court as a good faith attempt to resolve the matter amicably, in some cases, the court may “penalize” parties who initiated a lawsuit without a Letter of Demand by way of cost.

It is important to note that in Singapore, some Letter of Demand is required to be in a specific format. It is therefore advisable to seek legal assistance to review your matter and to advise you accordingly.


In Emerald Law, our team of lawyers are specialised in handling your civil claim and we will attempt to resolve your matter at the earliest opportunity.

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