Adoption In Singapore

Having a child is a traditional part of building a family. Adoption is the legal process under the Adoption of Children Act (“ACA”) where the adopters become the new legal parents of the child, and all legal ties to parenthood that the previous parents may have with the child are officially severed.

Divorce Strategy In Singapore

Unsurprisingly, divorce can be a challenging process. Apart from the difficulty in deciding to have a divorce, the divorce, especially a contested one, is a substantial emotional, physical and financial strain.

Annulment of Marriage in Singapore

Sometimes, for the good of everyone involved, a marriage must come to an end. In Singapore, to legally end a matrimonial union, there are two processes that are available. They are: (1) Annulment; (2) Divorce. This article will focus on how annulment functions in Singapore.

Why Engage A Syariah Lawyer During A Divorce?

Most would try to be amicable and save their marriage, especially if they have children. It is always important to consider the impact on the children first and put the children’s best interests at heart. Who knows? Maybe the marriage can be saved after all.

However, no matter how patient a person can be, there is a limit to one’s patience and sooner or later, their patience will run out. So, where do you go? How do you proceed? Do you need to care about other people’s perceptions of you or your next course of action?

Child Custody After Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is the end of the marital journey. It is something that needs to be discussed because divorce impacts not only the husband and wife but the children and extended family as well.

Generally, it is not encouraged to split siblings between parties during a divorce. This is especially so when the children share a close bond. However, if parties agree on doing so and if there are no other factors affecting the welfare of the children, which requires the Court to decide otherwise, then it is possible to do this.

Mediation In Singapore

Mediation is a method of non-compulsory dispute resolution involving a neutral third party (a mediator) who tries to help the disputing parties with a view to facilitate a resolution of the whole or part of a dispute.

Relocation Of Children (Singapore’s Legal Position)

Before you head out to Singapore’s Family Court, be sure to arm yourself with a solid understanding of child custody laws. Becoming familiar with Singapore’s position on relocation of children will help you know what to expect in court and how to best present your case.


Covid-19 Circuit Breaker: Access to Children and Alternative Arrangements

In light of the implementation of elevated safe distancing measures to combat the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, there is much uncertainty regarding how access arrangements are to be carried out by divorced parents during this unprecedented pandemic. Access arrangements that are scheduled to take place at any public areas or neutral third-party institution such as DSSA Centre should also cease as the underlying principle is that everyone should stay at home unless for essential purposes.