A quick guide to Alternative Dispute Resolution: Arbitration


Typically, when there is a legal dispute between parties, trial is often the last stage that parties have to undergo to achieve an outcome. However, trials are a costly and time-consuming affair. As such, there are other methods of dispute resolution available for one to take.

Enforcement Proceedings: Winding Up

Civil Litigation Lawyers

What can you do if you have obtained a Judgment against a company debtor who owes you and cannot (or do not want to) repay the debts owed to you of at least $10,000.00?
One of the options available to you as a creditor is to apply to wind up the company debtor to enforce the Judgment against the company debtor.

Deductions to Security Deposit

Security Deposit

A security deposit refers to the sum of money typically provided by a tenant to a landlord when renting property or entering into a tenancy agreement. Typically, most residential tenancies in Singapore require deposits that are the total of 1-2 months’ rent, but may be negotiable depending on the individual landlord.

A quick guide to Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation

Mediation is a typical ADR process which involves the parties in a dispute heard before a neutral third party, such as a mediator, who shall guide and expedite negotiations between parties to, hopefully, reach an agreement to settle the dispute. A significant role of the mediator is that he or she will not force any of the parties to come to an agreement; this agreement shall be a voluntary one. Parties are also actively encouraged, before trial, to attempt in a session of mediation, although parties cannot and will not be forced to do so by the Courts.

Statutory Constructive Dismissal in Singapore

Employment In Singapore

Discrimination and prejudice are painful things to experience, and it can come in many different forms. What happens if such discrimination and prejudice happen to you at your workplace? You may be ostracised at work by your superiors, or your salary withheld for vague reasons or may have your benefits and entitlements deprived.

Why A Well Drafted Letter of Demand Can Get You Results

Debt Recovery

While a letter of demand can usually be drafted by anyone, a lawyer can assist to pinpoint the legal issues at hand and to provide clarity to the type of demand that are feasible and are due recoverable by the due process of the law. A letter of demand from lawyer can also demonstrate clearly that the sender of the letter of demand is serious and is willing to take legal action to resolve the matter.

Restraint of Trade Clauses In Singapore

Restraint of Trade Clauses

Restraint of trade clauses are common clauses which governs various commercial relationships. It is frequently deployed in employment contracts to restrain key employees of the company from competing with the company during and after the period of employment. Restraint of trade clauses are typically in the form of non-compete or non-solicitation clauses.

Ending Employment In Singapore

Employment In Singapore

Both employer and employees have the right to contractually terminate their relationship, however, incidents have occurred wherein an employee feels that he has been wrongfully dismissed. In this article, we will discuss dismissals, the validity of dismissals and the options an employee has should such a situation arise.

Employment Contracts in Singapore

Employment Contracts in Singapore

What is an Employment Contract?
An employment contract is in essence, an agreement of a contract of service between a company and its potential employee. This agreement can be made in writing or verbally. The terms of the agreement may also be express or implied. Both parties must enter into the contract voluntarily.