A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that allows a donor, who is a person of at least 21 years of age and who has the mental capacity to voluntarily appoint one or more persons (donees) to make decisions and act on his behalf for either personal welfare or property and affairs matters when the donor lacks the mental capacity to do.

Enforcement Proceedings: Committal Proceeding

At the end of a court proceeding, the Judge sitting for the matter will set out his / her findings and the rights and obligations of the parties thereafter. If the claimant succeeds in their application, the Judge may, therefore, grant the relief sought by the claimant. Such relief may include an order prohibiting or directing the losing party to take a certain action or to abstain from taking a certain action.

Enforcement Proceedings: Winding Up

Civil Litigation Lawyers

What can you do if you have obtained a Judgment against a company debtor who owes you and cannot (or do not want to) repay the debts owed to you of at least $10,000.00?
One of the options available to you as a creditor is to apply to wind up the company debtor to enforce the Judgment against the company debtor.

Deductions to Security Deposit

Security Deposit

A security deposit refers to the sum of money typically provided by a tenant to a landlord when renting property or entering into a tenancy agreement. Typically, most residential tenancies in Singapore require deposits that are the total of 1-2 months’ rent, but may be negotiable depending on the individual landlord.

Adoption In Singapore

Having a child is a traditional part of building a family. Adoption is the legal process under the Adoption of Children Act (“ACA”) where the adopters become the new legal parents of the child, and all legal ties to parenthood that the previous parents may have with the child are officially severed.

Bail – As a relative, what should I know?

Bail is when an accused person is released from the custody of law enforcement officers and entrusted to the custody of a surety or sureties who are bound ensure the accused’s attendance in court and/or to produce the accused for the purposes of investigations when required.

Drug Consumption: What is it and what are the sentences?

Singapore takes a very dim view of drugs and any offences relating to the abuse of it. As a result, the Misuse of Drugs Act, the main governing legislation enacted sets out harsh penalties for the various offences related to drugs.

Debt Recovery against a Company

A debt recovery process can be a straight-forward yet complicated process. While most debt recovery may seem to be a straight-forward claim for the debt owed to you, each debt recovery process is unique to their circumstances and situation. It may, therefore, be prudent to seek legal assistance to be correctly advised before proceeding further.