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Why Engage A Syariah Lawyer During A Divorce?

Most would try to be amicable and save their marriage, especially if they have children. It is always important to consider the impact on the children first and put the children’s best interests at heart. Who knows? Maybe the marriage can be saved after all.

However, no matter how patient a person can be, there is a limit to one’s patience and sooner or later, their patience will run out. So, where do you go? How do you proceed? Do you need to care about other people’s perceptions of you or your next course of action?

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Child Custody After Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is the end of the marital journey. It is something that needs to be discussed because divorce impacts not only the husband and wife but the children and extended family as well.

Generally, it is not encouraged to split siblings between parties during a divorce. This is especially so when the children share a close bond. However, if parties agree on doing so and if there are no other factors affecting the welfare of the children, which requires the Court to decide otherwise, then it is possible to do this.

Cyber Crimes In Singapore

Cyber Crimes In Singapore

While technological advancements have generated a manifold of advantages, they have also allowed cyber criminals to evolve, misusing the convenience, mobility and anonymity of online platforms. As of 2016, cybercrime cost the global economy over US$450 billion (S$620 billion), with an estimated US$3 trillion of losses by 2020. On the world map, Singapore is not exempt from such crimes either. Cyber bank robbery, ransomware attacks and business e-mail compromise attacks have plagued some in Singapore, most recently the WannaCry and NotPetya attacks which greatly affected thousands of individuals and organisations worldwide.

Singapore Criminal Law

The 4 Key Pillars Of Singapore Criminal Law Before Sentencing Someone In Court

Criminal law in Singapore is largely based on statutes known as Acts of Parliament. Criminal law seeks to impose punishment for breach of certain rules, conduct or behaviour that is designated as criminal in legislation that has been enacted by Parliament.

Crime involves behaviour that is so serious that it cannot be treated simply as matter that can be resolved privately.

Elements Of Criminal Offence In Singapore

Elements Of Criminal Offence In Singapore

Criminal offence in Singapore is defined as behaviour that has been designated as criminal by legislation enacted by Parliament. Criminal offences in Singapore is based on a three-stage analysis:

The physical element: is the accused’s conduct or behaviour prohibited by legislation?
The fault element: what was the accused’s state of mind at the time the offence was committed?
The defences: Even if the physical and fault elements are present, are there any defences that might be raised to relieve the accused of criminal liability?


The Purpose Of Writing Letters Of Representations

Letter of representations are a form of correspondences by you to the Public Prosecutor when you are charged in court in Singapore. These correspondences play a key role in allowing you, as the accused to have your say of your side of the story to the Public Prosecutor before the matter is heard in court.

Good Defence Lawyer

What Does A Good Defence Lawyer Do?

The term “defend” however, does not equate to ensuring that their clienteles are acquitted of all charges.

A good defence lawyer’s job is to ensure that his/her client is properly advised in respect of the law, the strength and weaknesses of his/her case, the charges against their clients and ensuring that due process of the court for criminal proceedings had been carried out appropriately.

Criminal Proceedings In Court

7 Stages Of Singapore Criminal Proceedings In Court

A Criminal Proceeding is a process in the Singapore justice system wherein a proceeding is held in the court to prosecute a person charged (or to be charged) with the commission of a crime. A Criminal Proceeding does not only include the trial of the criminal offence but also includes:

The appeal proceedings; and
The criminal revision of the Criminal Proceedings.

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Cheating Is A Criminal Offence, Here is What you need to know.

Briefly, a person will be considered cheating if he/she intentionally deceives another person to:

Do any act that induces another person to deliver or cause to deliver a property to him/her; or
Cause another person to do an act that he would not have done if he/she is not deceived that cause or likely to cause damage or harm to any person, in body, mind, reputation or property.
The punishment for cheating varies depending on the nature of the crime and the severity of the offence. Section 417 of the Penal Code provides the basic outline and the minimal punishment for cheating (i.e. up to 3 years or fine).

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