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Outrage of Modesty

Outrage of Modesty in Singapore

In 2019, outrage of modesty and sexual voyeurism cases received were in the media’s spotlight throughout the year due to several reasons. One of the reasons was the number of cases that were reported in the media involving local university students which garnered public interest in our city state.

Case of Terence Siow
One such case was that of 23 year old Terence Siow (“Terence”), an undergraduate from National University of Singapore. Terence had boarded the MRT on the North East Line and noticed the victim wearing shorts. He sat down beside her and felt the urge to touch the victim. He then proceeded to touch the victim’s right thigh twice with his left hand.

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Advantages Of Having A Shareholders’ Agreement

A shareholders’ agreement is a contract between the persons (or even companies) who are parties to it, and set outs and regulates the different rights, powers and obligations of various parties. These include shareholders, directors and, if applicable, investors of the company.

A shareholders’ agreement may be enforced in other jurisdictions so long as it is set out inside the agreement and agreed upon. In Singapore, shareholders’ agreements are governed by Singapore Contract Law.

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Can You Win A Dispute With Condo MCST In Singapore?

Subsidiary proprietors or home-owners of condominiums are no strangers to the fact that there are numerous condominium by-laws to abide by. For those unfamiliar, briefly, by-laws are stipulations prescribed under Schedule 2 of Building Maintenance (Strata Management) Regulations 2005 under the BMSMA and additional by-laws may be made, or amended, pursuant to a special resolution by the Management Corporation (“MC”).

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What It Means To Breach A Contract In Singapore

A well-drafted contract can often prevent or resolve a dispute before the parties take their dispute to court. But when both parties cannot resolve their issues, and resort to litigation, it is important to understand the rules governing the breach of contract claim.

While some breaches are avoidable with detailed negotiations and well-drafted document, others are not. Poorly drafted documents and oral contracts frequently lead to disputes. It is always in your best interest to draft clear and comprehensive written contracts.

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Find A Civil Lawyer In Singapore

Are you facing any legal issues and you are not sure what to do? Where do you seek help? Can you trust friend’s recommendations of Singapore’s lawyers whom they have previously engaged?

In Singapore, there is no shortage of good civil lawyers. It is just a matter of finding the right one for you in terms of their expertise as well as whether your budget fits their rates.

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